Government Argues Businesses Are Secular

Government Argues Businesses Are Secular

Source: Steven Ertelt, "Obama Admin Tells Court: Hobby Lobby Must Obey HHS Mandate," 01 November 2012.

The government continues to push for change by insisting that business pay for birth control pills and "morning after" pills as a part of their employee's insurance plans, even if the owners of the company object to such funding on religous principles. What is particularly disturbing is the way this is being argued:

"Here’s what they are saying: once someone starts a “secular” business, he categorically loses any right to run that business in accordance with his conscience. The business owner simply leaves her First Amendment rights at home when she goes to work at the business she built. Kosher butchers around the country must be shocked to find that they now run “secular” businesses. On this view of the world, even a seller of Bibles is “secular.” Hobby Lobby’s affiliate, Mardel, sells Bibles and other Christian-themed material, but because it makes a profit the government has now declared it “secular.”"

Thus the owner of a business is declared to be separate from any business that he runs. With such a wedge in place, people will have to decide between creating a business to serve the public but then violating their beliefs to follow the government regulations, or seek another way to earn a living. My suspiscion is that if this reasoning is upheld, businesses by religous people will purposely remain small to avoid the government's immoral regulations.

"When the righteous rejoice, there is great glory; but when the wicked arise, men hide themselves" (Proverbs 28:12).