The Responsibilites of the Wife: Preparation for a Lifetime

The Responsibilities of the Wife

            A marriage contains two complete roles which must be fulfilled. Women have a full-time job in satisfying the duties of a wife. Men have a full-time job fulfilling the duties of a husband. For many years, our society has placed arbitrary value on the responsibilities of the husband and has discounted the work of the wife. As a result, many women are no longer satisfied with their role. They have been lead to believe that the only way to satisfaction is to take on some or all of the work of the husband. However, this causes the wife to be overworked. Something has to give way and often duties are neglected because there is not enough time to be both a wife and a husband.

            The problem is not with the duties assigned by God to the wife but with our view of those duties. They are not despicable duties. They are vital tasks which bring glory to both the wife and her family.