Responsibilities of the Husband: Preparation for a Lifetime

The Responsibilities of the Husband

            A good marriage is not an automatic consequence of two people loving each other. A good marriage is made by the concerted efforts of the husband and wife. In fact, in any marriage there is more than enough work to keep two people busy for the rest of their lives. The difficulty comes when that effort must be divided up between the man and the woman. Who will be responsible for which tasks?

            As in all matters of life, God has not left us without guidelines. God has assigned responsibilities to men and women. Those responsibilities are different for the man and the woman just as men and women are physically and emotionally different. The tasks assigned to each one take advantage of the natural capability of men and women. Simply because some tasks are assigned to one group, and not another, it does not mean that this group is more favored in God’s sight. God is impartial to mankind (I Peter 1:17). The responsibilities of a husband are no better or worse than those given to the wife.