Jesus Appears in Galilee

Jesus Appears in Galilee

Text: John 21:1-14

I.         Seven of the disciples had gone to Galilee.

            A.        Peter decided to fish and the rest joined him.

            B.        It was a poor night of fishing. They caught nothing.

            C.        As dawn approached, they returned to shore and they saw a man on the shore.

            D.        The man asked if they had any fish, to which they replied no

            E.        The man then told them to put out their net on the right-side of the boat and they would catch some fish

                        1.         This would normally be silly. It was day, so the fish would scatter (no light to attract them).

                        2.         It was near shore. The water would not be deep enough.

            F.        Yet, they did so anyway. The net was so heavy with fish, they could not haul it in.

            G.        John then realized that the man had to be Jesus

                        1.         He told Peter, who grabbed his robe, jumped into the water, and swam for shore.

                        2.         The rest came in the boat, dragging the catch behind them.

            H.        When they reached land, they found Jesus had a fire started with fish and bread cooking on it.

                        1.         Jesus invited them to bring some of the fish they had caught to be cooked.

                        2.         They counted the fish - 153 large fish were in the net.

                        3.         Despite being overloaded, the net did not tear.

            I.         Jesus then told them to come and eat

                        1.         This proving again that Jesus was not a spirit, but in the flesh.

                        2.         The disciples did not question Jesus because they all realized who he was.

            J.         This was the third appearance of Jesus to the disciples.

II.        There were many witnesses to Jesus’ resurrection - I Corinthians 15:3-8