Witnesses to the Resurrection

Witnesses to the Resurrection

Text: John 20:19-31

I.         On the evening of the resurrection

            A.        The disciples had gathered in a room. The doors were closed because they feared discovery by the Jews.

            B.        They continued to fear the Jews since they had killed Jesus.

            C.        Jesus appeared in their midst and greeted them.

                        1.         Luke’s account - Luke 24:36-49

            D.        He showed them the wounds in his hands and side, proving that it was Jesus

                        1.         It also proves a bodily resurrection. It wasn’t just the spirit of Jesus appearing to them.

                        2.         The disciples rejoiced

            E.        Jesus explained that they now would be sent on a mission for him, just as he was sent by the Father.

                        1.         He then blessed them, telling them to receive the Spirit

                        2.         He also gave them the authority to establish the laws of God

                        3.         Not that they were the source of that authority, but they could enforce God’s authority.

II.        One of the disciples, Thomas, was not with the rest on that night

            A.        The others told him what had happened, but Thomas refused to believe without seeing the evidence for himself.

            B.        Eight days later, once again the disciples had gathered. Again the doors were closed. However, this time Thomas was there.

            C.        Again Jesus appeared in their midst

                        1.         He told Thomas to examine the evidence – showing he knew what had happened in his absence.

                        2.         Thomas did so and declared, “My Lord, and my God!”

                                    a.         Note that He was not rebuked for his statement

                                    b.         Jesus is Lord and God

                        3.         Jesus mildly rebukes Thomas for having to have physical evidence before he would believe.

                                    a.         Mark’s account - Mark 16:14-18

                        4.         Greater is belief based on the accounts of the witnesses.

III.       The purpose of John’s book was to give evidence about the Christ.