Jesusí Prayer Before Death

Jesusí Prayer Before Death

Text: John 17

I.          While many times we were told that the time was not yet right, Jesus now says the time has come

             A.         In the events shortly to take place, Jesus would be glorified and through him the Father would also be glorified.

             B.         Jesus was given all authority - Matthew 28:18-20

                          1.          Jesus has the authority to select who would have eternal life. (An attribute of God)

                          2.          One condition was to know God - John 17:3

             C.         Jesus states that his work has been accomplished

                          1.          The events about to come are expected. Nothing else is left to do.

             D.         Jesus had glory with the Father before the world was made (An attribute of God)

II.         Jesus has taught the disciples whom God had given him.

             A.         They have kept God’s teachings

             B.         They understand the source of Jesus’ teaching was from God

             C.         They truly believe that Jesus came from God

III.        Jesus makes requests for his disciples, not the world in general

             A.         In the work they do, they will glorify Jesus and in turn God, the Father

             B.         While Jesus is no longer with them, he prays they will be united

                          1.          Jesus had been keeping them in God’s name

                          2.          Only one would perish in order to keep the prophecy of the Scripture

             C.         Jesus prays they will have joy

                          1.          Jesus has taught them the words of God

                          2.          As a result the world hates them because they are no longer a part of the world.

                          3.          Jesus is not asking they be removed from that hatred, but protected from Satan.

                          4.          They have been sanctified (set apart) by the truth in God’s word

                                       a.          Jesus set the example for them to follow

             D.         Jesus is not praying just for the twelve, but also for all who come to believe through their teaching.

                          1.          Jesus prays that they, too, will be united both among themselves and with God

                                       a.          The unity of the disciples will show the world the truth and lead them to believe.

                                       b.          From that unity will come glory

                                       c.          From that unity will come proof of God sending Jesus and the love of God

                          2.          Jesus prays they will join him in heaven

                                       a.          They will see the glory of Jesus

                                       b.          Jesus was loved by the Father before the world’s foundations were laid (another attribute of God)

                          3.          The world doesn’t recognize Jesus, but his followers will and they will believe he was from God

                                       a.          The love of God will be displayed in them.