Promised Aid

Promised Aid

Text: John 16:5-33

I.          Jesus said he was returning to the one who sent him, God the Father

             A.         This implies that Jesus is returning to heaven

             B.         None of the disciples actually question Jesus about this. Either they understand or are afraid of the obvious answer.

             C.         They do understand enough that they are saddened by the prospect of Jesus leaving.

II.         The benefit of Jesus leaving is that the Holy Spirit would be sent

             A.         Now the disciples have had the gifts of the Spirit in the past - Matthew 10:1, Mark 9:18, 28-29

             B.         What Jesus was promising was something greater

             C.         What the Spirit would accomplish

                          1.          He would convict the world concerning sin, righteousness, and judgment

                                       a.          Peter’s first lesson - Acts 2:37

                                       b.          The gospel is the power of God - Romans 1:16

                          2.          He would teach them things they were not able to handle at the time Jesus was with them

                                       a.          Some things take maturity to understand - I Corinthians 3:1-2

                                       b.          Hebrews 5:11-14

                          3.          He would guide the apostles into all truth

                                       a.          A repeat of what Jesus said earlier - John 14:26

                                       b.          The Spirit searches the mind of God - I Corinthians 2:10-13

                          4.          He would glorify Jesus by teaching what God and Jesus wanted taught

III.        Now the disciples begin to puzzle over the statement of Jesus

             A.         Notice that their thoughts are running far behind Jesus’s discussion.

             B.         They did not understand what Jesus meant by leaving in a little while.

             C.         Jesus tells them plainly that they would soon experience grief while the rest of the world rejoices.

                          1.          Yet that sorrow would be short lived. It will turn to joy.

                          2.          Just like the birthing of a child. The birth itself is difficult and painful, but after the child is born, the joy is so great that the pain of the birth dims.

             D.         Despite the grief, Jesus promises to see the disciples again.

IV.       When Jesus turns their grief to joy, there will be no more questions.

             A.         God will answer their prayers.

             B.         Jesus will speak plainly and they will understand.

             C.         Jesus plainly tells them that he is leaving this world to return to God

             D.         The disciples acknowledge that Jesus knows all things and that he comes from God.

             E.         Despite their strong statement of belief in Jesus, Jesus tells them they would soon scatter and abandon Jesus.

                          1.          Jesus would be alone in this world, except for his Father.

                          2.          Jesus is warning them to give them comfort. It is not a peace that the world knows. The world brings tribulation. The comfort comes from knowing that Jesus overcomes the world.