Hatred of the Disciples

Hatred of the Disciples

Text: John 15:18-16:4

I.         In contrast to the love the disciples are to show to one another, the world will hate the disciples

            A.        The reason is that people (the world) hates people who are different.

            B.        Since the disciples have left the world to follow Jesus, their behavior and attitudes are different from those who remain in the world.

            C.        The hatred should be expected.

                        1.         The world hated Jesus, so Jesus’ followers would also be hated.

                        2.         They would also reject Jesus’ teachings, whether they came from the Master or from his disciples.

            D.        All will be done to the disciples because they do not understand God.

II.        Jesus’ presence aggravates the problem.

            A.        If he had not come and taught the truth, the world would not have sinned.

            B.        First, because there would have been nothing to reject

                        1.         Sin is not counted when there is no law - Romans 5:13

            C.        Now that he has come and has taught, there is no excuse to reject God.

            D.        Since Jesus is God, he exactly represents God

                        1.         Rejecting him is the same as reject God. There is no difference.

            E.        Since he has done the works of God among them, their rejection of Jesus is a rejection of God

            F.        It fulfills a prophecy that their reject would be without reason or cause.

III.       Jesus would send the Spirt, or Comforter

            A.        The Spirit would come from the Father (notice the three)

            B.        The Spirit would bear witness of Jesus (through the miracles)

            C.        The disciples would bear witness of Jesus – this is what the word “apostle” means.

IV.      Because they would be supporting Jesus, the world will reject them just as it rejected Jesus.

            A.        Jesus is giving them advanced warning so they would not stumble when they faced opposition.

            B.        They would be thrown out of the synagogues

            C.        People will persecuted them, thinking they were doing a service for God

            D.        It will be because of their ignorance of the Father and of Jesus.

            E.        When it happens, they will be able to remember that they were warned.

            F.        Jesus had not warned them earlier, while he remained with them, but he was soon to leave and they needed the knowledge.