Show Us the Father

Show Us the Father

Text: John 14:7-31

I.         Jesus stated by knowing him they now can say they know the Father

            A.        Philip stated it would be enough for Jesus to show the Father to them. He preferred first hand evidence.

            B.        Jesus scolds Philip for not understanding him, despite being with him for several years.

                        1.         By asking to see the Father, Philip is saying he doesn’t know Jesus

                        2.         Yet all that Jesus taught is from the Father

            C.        Jesus and the Father dwell (are intimately close) to each other

                        1.         If that is not enough, then accept the evidence of the miracles Jesus performed.

                        2.         If one truly believes in Jesus, then he will perform the same works.

                        3.         In fact the works will be greater because Jesus will go to His Father and he will support them from heaven.

            D.        Anything the apostles asked will by answered by Jesus so that God will be glorified.

            E.        True love for Jesus will be shown by their obedience

II.        The gift from Jesus

            A.        Jesus would not leave the disciples alone. Help would be sent to them

                        1.         That helper would be the Holy Spirit – the spirit of truth the world is not able to accept.

                        2.         The world will not accept what it cannot see or know

                        3.         The disciples would accept the Spirit because they would abide (be close) to him.

            B.        Soon Jesus would no longer be in the world, but the disciples would not be alone

                        1.         Though no longer in the world, Christ says the disciples would see him.

                        2.         Then the disciples would understand the close relationship Jesus has with the Father and they would join in that closeness.

                        3.         [Note that this verse counters the idea that abiding is a form of possession as the disciples would abide in Jesus. The apostles could not possess God.]

            C.        Keeping Jesus’ commandments shows their love for Jesus

                        1.         And if they love Jesus, then they love the Father.

                        2.         Jesus would then reveal everything to them.

III.       Why were the apostles especially selected?

            A.        Judas (not Iscariot) wanted to know what has happened that they would be singled out for this gift and not the rest of the world.

            B.        Jesus replied that those who love him are obedient

                        1.         God and the Son will dwell with those who truly love them

            C.        If a person does not love God, then they will not be inclined to obey, nor will they accept the words of God Jesus has spoken.

            D.        When the Spirt comes, he will remind the disciples of everything Jesus spoke and explain all things to them.

IV.      Jesus leaves them peace

            A.        It is an inner peace of their spirit. It is not the peace for which the world looks.

            B.        They should not be troubled by up coming events.

            C.        Jesus warns them again that he is about to die

                        1.         They should find joy in that statement because Jesus is returning home

                        2.         It should give them faith because they will see that Jesus knows the future

            D.        Time is limited because Satan is on the move

            E.        Jesus would show his love of God by obeying God’s directive.

V.        At this point the apostles and Jesus leave the Passover supper.