Jesus Predicts His Betrayal

Jesus Predicts His Betrayal

Text: John 13:21-14:6

I.          Jesus states plainly that one of his disciples would betray him

             A.         Each begins to look around to see who it would be

             B.         No one wanted to ask Jesus directly

                          1.          Peter asks John (the one whom Jesus loved), who was sitting next to Jesus to ask

                          2.          John asks who it would be

             C.         Jesus said it would be the one whom he dipped bread with, which was Judas Iscariot.

                          1.          The Scriptures say that Satan entered Judas’s heart at that time.

                          2.          Instead of being frightened at being found out, Judas became more determined.

             D.         Jesus told him to complete his task quickly

                          1.          The other disciples did not understand what was going on

                          2.          They thought Jesus was sending Judas out for some purchases

             E.         Judas leaves the feast early.

II.         Jesus then begins a long dissertation that is recorded through chapter 18

             A.         It contains a series of last minute instruction for his followers

             B.         Now God and his Son can be glorified

III.        Jesus tells his disciples he will only be with them a short while longer

             A.         He gives the same warning to them that he gave the Jews, that they would not be able to follow him when he leaves

             B.         He leaves them with a new commandment: to love one another

                          1.          When they follow this command all would know they were Jesus’ disciples

             C.         Peter wanted to know where Jesus was going

                          1.          Peter was told that he could not follow immediately, but he would follow later.

                          2.          But Peter wanted to go immediately.

                          3.          More details in Luke 22:31-34

                          4.          He declared his willingness to die for Jesus

                                       a.          Matthew records that Peter wasn’t the only one - Matthew 26:33-35

             D.         Jesus told him that despite his desire to follow, he would deny Jesus three times before tomorrow morning.

IV.       Jesus comforts his followers by telling them that preparations will have been made to receive them.

             A.         In heaven there is room for all

             B.         Jesus must leave to make preparations

             C.         If Jesus leaves, he will return to receive them - an indication of his second coming.

             D.         Thomas is still confused as to where Jesus is going.

                          1.          He asks how they will get there when they don’t know where Jesus is going.

                          2.          Jesus tells them the way is through him.