Plot to Kill Jesus

Plot to Kill Jesus

Text: John 11:47-12:11

I.          The leading Jews are becoming concerned

             A.         Jesus is performing so many signs that they cannot argue against Jesus

             B.         If it continues they fear the people will believe him, allow the Romans to come in, and they will lose their position.

                          1.          This is the primary concern – they fear the lose of their positions of power

             C.         Caiaphas calms their fears

                          1.          He was High Priest that year. History tells us he alternated with his father-in-law, Annas.

                          2.          It is better for one man to die than a whole nation.

                          3.          Caiaphas, not realizing it, prophesied that Jesus would die for the nations

                          4.          Jesus’ death would gather all the people of the world into one body.

             D.         While before Jesus was threaten by passionate individuals, we now have a serious plot to bring about his death.

II.         Jesus was aware of the plot.

             A.         He went into hiding, staying in the wilderness in Ephraim.

             B.         As the Passover approached, the Jews began to gather and make preparations.

             C.         The leaders were searching the crowds for Jesus. They began to wonder if Jesus would make an appearance as was his custom.

             D.         Word went out that if anyone saw Jesus, he was to be immediately apprehended.

             E.         They wanted to seize him quietly because they feared a riot - Matthew 26:3-5

III.        Six days before the Passover, Jesus traveled to Bethany

             A.         This is the home of Martha, Mary, and Lazarus. It is about two miles outside of Jerusalem.

             B.         Here he ate dinner, Matthew tells us it was at the house of Simon who was once a leper - Matthew 26:6

             C.         Mary took a pound of pure nard, a costly perfume, and anointed Jesus’ feet and wiped his feet with her hair.

                          1.          Judas grumbled that the perfume should have been sold for 300 days-wages and given to the poor.

                          2.          Not that he was concerned about the poor. He was the group’s treasure and often helped himself to the funds.

                          3.          Jesus told him to leave Mary alone as she was preparing him for burial.

                          4.          Things had to be done while there were opportunities.

                          5.          We also learn that Judas was already thinking of betraying Jesus to the Jewish leaders.

             D.         Multitudes hear that Jesus was in Bethany.

                          1.          They flocked there to see Jesus and to see Lazarus, who had been raised from the dead.

                          2.          As a result, the leaders of the Jews were also plotting Lazarus’s death because people were believing in Jesus because of him.

                          3.          It is fascinating that they did not stop to accept the miracles of Jesus, the proof available, but were willing to remove the evidence rather than believe.