The Death and Resurrection on Lazarus

The Death and Resurrection on Lazarus

Text: John 11:1-46

I.         We are introduced to friends of Jesus

            A.        They live in the village of Bethany, which is close to Jerusalem.

            B.        Lazarus, the brother, lived with his two sisters, Mary and Martha

            C.        Mary is the one who wiped Jesus’ feet with her hair (a future event)

II.        Lazarus became ill and his sisters sent word to Jesus

            A.        Jesus told his disciples that the purpose of the illness was not death but to bring God glory.

            B.        Strangely instead of going, Jesus remains in beyond Jordan area for two more days.

            C.        Jesus then announces his intent to return to the Judea area.

                        1.         His disciples are concerned because there are Jews seeking his death and Judea is their stronghold.

                        2.         Jesus points out that there is limited time to work - John 9:4

                        3.         Work must be down when it is the best opportunity.

            D.        Jesus then say why he must return; Lazarus has died and Jesus must return to raise him up.

                        1.         Notice that Jesus did not receive notice of his death. He know when Lazarus had died.

                        2.         By using the term for being asleep, the disciples did not understand what Jesus was talking about.

                        3.         His disciples thought it was a natural sleep, indicating he was recovering from his illness.

                        4.         Jesus said he was glad he wasn’t there so this opportunity to strengthen his disciple’s faith would come.

            E.        The disciples decided to join Jesus. If he was walking into death, then they would join him.

III.       By the time Jesus and his disciples arrived, Lazarus was in the grave for 4 days

            A.        Many people where still with Mary and Martha, consoling them.

            B.        On hearing that Jesus was coming, Martha went out to greet him.

                        1.         Martha stated her belief that Lazarus would not have died if Jesus was there and that Jesus had the power to raise him, if he so chose.

                        2.         Jesus stated that Lazarus would live again.

                        3.         Martha thought he was talking about the final resurrection.

                        4.         Jesus stated that He was life and asked if Martha believed. She definitely did.

            C.        Martha returned to the house and quietly told Mary that Jesus was outside and asking for her.

                        1.         Mary ran out to see Jesus, but those with her, not knowing why she had left, thought that she had a sudden desire to return to the grave.

                        2.         Mary also tells Jesus that if he had been there, Lazarus would not have died.

                        3.         Jesus was moved by her grief and the grief of those who followed her.

            D.        He asked to see the grave and he wept along with them.

                        1.         The people commented on his love.

                        2.         The more skeptical wondered why this miracle doer did not prevent the death of one he obviously loved.

            E.        Jesus commanded that the stone sealing the grave be removed

                        1.         Martha warned Jesus that after 4 days, the body would be decaying and smelly.

                        2.         Jesus reminded her that if she would believe, she would see the glory of God.

            F.        Jesus then prayed to God, thanking him for hearing his prayer. The prayer was not for God, but for those listening.

            G.        Jesus then called for Lazarus to leave the grave

                        1.         Lazarus walked out of the tomb.

                        2.         Jesus commanded that the grave clothes should be removed

IV.      Because of this, many believed on him

            A.        However, some reported the events to the leaders of the Pharisees.