The Deity of Jesus

The Deity of Jesus

Text: John 10:22-42

I.         We jump ahead in time to the feast of Dedication, which took place in the winter time.

            A.        Jesus is in the temple, in the area known as the portico of Solomon.

            B.        The Jews gather around Jesus and ask Jesus to come out plainly and say if he is the Christ or not.

                        1.         Jesus has done this - John 4:25-26, 40-42

                        2.         However, Jesus has declared this to people who were already willing to believe in him.

                        3.         Those who were inclined to disbelieve were only given cryptic hints.

            C.        Jesus pointed out that he has answered the question, but because they did not believe either Jesus or the miracles from God, they missed what he said.

                        1.         Those teachings and the miracles are witnesses to whom Jesus is.

                        2.         They do not accept the testimony or witnesses because they are not people who will follow Jesus.

                        3.         Jesus gives life to his followers and protects them.

            D.        He then gives the Jews a blunt statement - God and Jesus are one.

                        1.         He directly claims equality with God - The very thing they asked for

                        2.         The very thing they cannot accept, so they took up stones to kill Jesus.

II.        Jesus asked for which good work that he had done are they planning to stone him.

            A.        Jesus had done many miracles in their midst.

                        1.         Those miracles are witnesses that Jesus has God behind him.

                        2.         It is a reminder of good Jesus has done, which they are so willing to quickly forget.

            B.        The people reply that it is not the good he has done, but for his blasphemy in making himself out to be God.

            C.        Jesus points out that in their law, people are called gods.

                        1.         In Psalm 82 (verse 6), the word is applied to all judges as a reminder that they represent the judgements of God. They are also reminded that the people they judge are the sons of God.

                        2.         In other words, judgment is a serious matter and not to be corrupted.

                        3.         Other places were men are called God is Exodus 4:16; 7:1

                        4.         The term is proper when the person is a legitimate representative of the higher power.

            D.        Jesus can easily make this claim. God has shown his approval of Jesus through the wonders wrought in the people’s presence.

III.       Yet logic fails on those who will not see. The people sought to grab Jesus, but he left and returned to where John once baptized.

            A.        It was a wilderness area.

            B.        Even there people found Jesus and they believed on him because everything John had said about Jesus was true.

            C.        And this, despite the lack of miraculous proof.

            D.        Jesus did miracles which strengthen his arguments in the people’s sight.