Getting in Gear

Getting in Gear

One of the impacts marijuana has on the user is a laxidazical approach to life. It isn't that there aren't big dreams, it is just that the user never seems to manages to make progress on those ideas.

A big reason is that marijuana messes with your concept of time. You plan on doing something tomorrow and the next thing you know it is five days later and you hadn't started. I saw you doing that when trying to sell one of your cars. You talked about getting the deal closed for weeks. You had everything ready, but somehow you never managed to get out to the person. I don't think you realized how much time slipped by because every time you taked about it, you seemed to think it had only been a few days ago that you found a buyer.

This unawareness of time passing on is why drug users are loosey businessmen. They can't keep track of their schedule, bills, and jobs that need to be done. They can't figure out why everyone is mad at them when it seemingly wasn't that long ago they had said they would complete a job or pay a bill.

The same happened with your intent to get off drugs. You planned to do it, but you don't realize how much time slipped by. It is for this reason that I remind you once in a while where you could have been in coming off of drugs if you had stayed around. I'm sure to you it feels like it has only been a few weeks and not the two and half months that it really has been. I know you intend to go into the military. You were going to have everything tidied up before the first of July. I suspect that you are still finishing off your cars, still have cars to sell, still haven't signed the final paperwork with the recruiters, and still haven't started your exercise program to get in shape before joining. It isn't that you haven't had time, it is that time has slipped through your fingers because your mind has been in a haze of marijuana smoke.

My friend, it is past time to get your life back into gear, but you won't manage it until you've left marijuana far behind. "So teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom" (Psalms 90:12).