The Nation of Israel

The Nation of Israel

Put the following events in order:

___ Conquering Canaan

___ The Flood

___ Bondage in Egypt

___ The Judges

___The Patriarchs

___ Before the Flood

___ Wandering in the Wilderness

___ The Scattering of the People

___ Leaving Egypt

The United Kingdom

The last period ended with the people demanding a king to rule over them. Kings rule kingdoms; and the name United Kingdom gives you a hint that this kingdom did not remain whole. It was only united under three kings: Saul, David, and Solomon. After the death of Solomon it became divided, resulting in the ___________________ __________________.

The Divided Kingdom

In this period we have two kingdoms, Israel in the north and Judah in the south. This situation lasted for 200 years. The northern kingdom, Israel, never faithfully followed God, so God allowed an enemy nation, the Assyrians, come and take the northern kingdom away, leaving Judah alone.

Judah Alone

After Israel was taken into captivity, you would think that the southern kingdom, Judah, would have learned to obey God. They managed to last as a nation for a while, but soon slipped into the same sins as their northern brethren. God sent the Babylonians to take Judah into captivity. Now both kingdoms are in captivity.

The Captivity

It is during the captivity that we have the marvelous stories of Daniel and his friends. The captivity did not continue forever. God said that one day He would let the people return.

The Return

The people of Israel were allowed to return to their county. They came in three major waves. The first group came to rebuild the Temple. The second came to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. The final group resettled the area. Even after the people returned, they still were not fully obedient to the Lord, but God had no further instructions for the people. The prophet Amos predicted a period when there would be a famine of prophesy. In other words, God would be silent for a period of time.