Forming the Nation of Israel

Forming the Nation of Israel

Before we continue to add periods of history, letís see how well you can remember the six periods we have studied so far:

1) ___________________________________________________________________________

2) ___________________________________________________________________________

3) ___________________________________________________________________________

4) ___________________________________________________________________________

5) ___________________________________________________________________________

6) ___________________________________________________________________________

Wandering in the Wilderness

Because the Israelites refused to enter the land God had given to them, he condemned the Israelites to wander in the wilderness to the south of the promise land until all the adults of that generation died out. The period ends forty years later as the Israelites once again move to the borders of the promised land, known as Canaan. The Israelites did not wander forever. Eventually they came out of the wilderness.

Conquering Canaan

This period starts with Joshua leading the Israelites across the Jordan River and ends with the death of Joshua after the land had been mostly conquered by the Israelites.

The Judges

After those who remembered Joshua died, another generation arose who did not know their past. They became unfaithful and God sent an enemy nation into their land to show His displeasure. Eventually, they repented of their sins and cried out to the Lord for deliverance. In response, God sent a __________________ to lead them. (If you donít know what to put in the blank, look up Judges chapter 2 verse 16 for a hint.)

Throughout this period, a cycle of leaving God, being conquered, repenting of their sin, and being delivered by a ____________________ was repeated many times. The period ended when the people decided they wanted to have a king like the nations around them.

We added three new periods to our history. Can you named them from memory? Tell your teacher the nine periods of history that you know, in order, and have your teacher write his initials here [ ].