You Don't Deserve Mercy

You Don't Deserve Mercy

by Doy Moyer

Have you seen these scenes where someone is taking vengeance on another, and at the point at which the one is about to drop the hammer, the other cries out for some form of mercy? Then, the avenger says something like, "You don't deserve mercy!" Boom.

You don't deserve mercy. Let that sink in a moment. That's why it's called mercy. Mercy cannot be deserved. If you deserved it, it wouldn't be mercy. And the same goes for grace.

God offers us mercy and grace. We don't deserve it. Yet, while we cry out for God's mercy, He won't just say, "You don't deserve it" only to condemn us. Through Christ, it's, "You don't deserve it, but here it is. You are forgiven."

Thank the Lord today for His mercy. We don't deserve what He offers in abundance.

Ephesians 2:1-10; Romans 5:6-11; 8:1-2