With God

With God

by Kelsey Harris

I like to be by myself, but I can't stand being alone.
I love the dark, but I hate not being able to see.
I enjoy meeting new people, but I hate being with strangers.
I want my voice to be heard, but I despise talking loud.
I want to be in a hall of fame, but I don't like being the center of attention.

I want to have my most complicated problems solved, but I don't want complicated answers.
I want to always be healthy, but not have to take medicine. The answer is...God!
With God, I can be away from the world, by myself, but not alone, for He is with me.

With God, I can be in the dark, be blind, but see more than people of this world can see.
With God, I can meet new people, but they won't be strangers, because they are children of God, like me.
With God, my voice can be heard even when I whisper.

With God, I can enter His hall of fame, but not deal with the pressure of earthly fame.
With God, I can have even my most complicated problems solved with a simple answer.
With God, I can have an incurable disease, yet be healthy in what matters most.

Without God, I will be with the world, and be totally alone.
Without God, I will walk around with my eyes wide open, but not see as much as the Christian blind man sees.
Without God, I will meet all the people in the world, but they will always be strangers.

Without God, I will have to raise my voice as loud as I can to be heard, but still not be heard when it matters most.
Without God, I will work extremely hard to get into a worldly hall of fame, but not get into the highest one.
Without God, my most complicated problems can't be solved, and the attempts will be so complicated that I won't understand them.

Without God, I will have to take pill after pill, but will always be incurably sick.
With God I can achieve anything.
Without God, I achieve nothing.
What's your choice?

Kelsey Harris is the fifteen-year-old daughter of brother and sister Simon Harris of Jonesboro, AR. At the time of this writing, Kelsey was undergoing treatment at St. Jude Hospital in Memphis, TN, for a malignant brain tumor. This young lady of great courage and faith sees what some of us are missing.

Kelsey departed this life April, 2009, at the age of 16.