Why Is It?

Why Is It?

by Morris D. Norman
via Gospel Power, Vol. 16, No. 1, Jan. 4, 2009.

We see so many in today's society that are doing so many things to destroy health and shorten life. There are many campaigns and much public advertisement to keep people from the evil of drugs, drink and tobacco but the number who participate is ever growing. Sober thinking people say "Why is it?" But there are areas in which preachers, elders, teachers and concerned Christians may ask, "Why is it?"

Why is it that people have to be urged to love and serve the Lord? It is the only way that man can possibly escape an eternal hell. When people find out that they have some dread disease tehy will immediately see a doctor and hope that there is remedy that they will be able to follow to rid themselves of the disease. But when they find out that they are on the road to eternal ruin, they very often take offense at the one who sounds the warning. Why is it?

Why is it that people have to be urged to even consider what the Bible says? It is extremely difficult to find people who are even interested in a study of the Scriptures; people who are interested enough in their souls to sit down and talk about what the Bible says for a few minutes.

Why is it that people have to be urged to obey the gospel after they have learned the truth and know what jeopardy their souls are in? Every assembly is characterized by repeating the Lord's invitation. Lesson after lesson is presented to urge upon those who are not Christians to respond to the Lord's pleadings But they spurn invitation after invitation. They spurn the yearnings, the love and encouragement of those who are interested in them. Why is it?

Why is it that "Christians" have to be urged to regularly attend the worship and study assemblies? One would think that those who "love" the Lord would not have to be urged (and really, those who love the Lord do not have to be urged to attend). But those who take the responsibility of teaching, spend so much of their time trying to get people to do what is good for them and what they know they ought to do. Why is it?

Does this not speak of the fact that others love our souls more then we love our own when we have to be urged to do what is good for our eternal security? Others spend hours in study and prayer, but we lightly turn away their pleadings. Why is it?