by Gilbert Alexander

A dozen sirens wailing a warning of a coming tornado cannot save the lives of those who do not heed. Warning that a dam is beginning to break under the pressure of floodwaters cannot save a city of ten thousand living directly below the dam if they do not heed and seek higher ground. The blaring of the horns of a train bearing down on an intersection cannot save motorists who ignore it and are smashed by trying to cross the tracks. Is there no grace? Is there no mercy? Yes! The warnings are the form of deliverance from peril, but grace and mercy do not profit those who do not make use of them.

God has spoken! He has offered good things and warned mankind of mortal peril. He has set in place a way of salvation from spiritual death and eternal punishment through His gracious gift through Jesus Christ. He has said that all who believe Him, heed His Word, and obey His Son's commandments will be delivered from certain death in sin and will be given eternal life (Hebrews 5:8,9; Matthew 7:21-24; Mark 16:15,16; Romans 2:5-11).

But God's warnings have not profited those who have not heeded His commands to stop, to flee from peril, to seek the safety in Christ. Many warners tell their hearers that belief alone will save them, that they are saved before they obey the warnings or even without obeying the warnings; therefore, the warned ones feel safe though their destruction is imminent (I Thessalonians 5:1-3). Many people isolate themselves from God's warnings by refusing to read His Holy Scriptures, by refusing to listen to the Truth presented by means of radio, by refusing repeated invitations to attend the assemblies where the Truth is taught, and by refusing even to discuss the Scriptures with Christians who are seeking to help them.

Neighbor, God's warning is ever-present. Are you reading it, listening to it, and obeying it unto salvation? The way that leads to life eternal must be taken and traveled (Matthew 7:13,14).