Sons of Jacob: Children's Class Song

Please feel free to use the following lyrics which I wrote many years ago. I could not remember the usual version and wanted the order of birth. I sing this to the tune of Jesus Loves Me.

I have a poster board with the song. I color code the boys' names by their mothers. I list the mothers in the same colors at the bottom of the board. This visual helps me recall many facts about them in the shortest possbile time.

Sons of Jacob

by Jeanie Pratt

Jacob bore them one by one
Reuben first then Simeon,
Levi and Judah. Next he had
Dan and Naphthali and Gad.
Asher was another one,
Issachar and Zebulun.
Rachel finally had two sons:
Joseph first then Benjamin.

Audio recording of "Sons of Jacob"

I completed Jeanie Pratt's song and changed it a bit. Thank you Jeannie for sharing your inspiration!

Twelve Sons of Jacob

From Genesis 29-30. To the tune of "Jesus Loves Me."

by Sandy McTiernan and Jeanie Pratt

God gave Jacob one by one:
Reuben first, then Simeon ...
Levi, Naphtali, and Dan.
From Judah's line Jesus began.

Six sons of Jacob
Six sons of Jacob
Six sons of Jacob ...
And more were on the way!

Asher was another one,
Issachar, Gad, Zebulun.
Rachel fin'lly had two sons:
Joseph first, then Benjamin.

Twelve sons of Jacob
Twelve sons of Jacob
Twelve sons of Jacob
The tribes of Israel!

Audio recording of "Twelve Sons of Jacob"