Sand and Pearls

Sand and Pearls

by Netagene Kirkpatrick, August 18, 2009

If God can take a grain of sand
And change it to a pearl –
Some tiny lifeless silicone
He made when He made the world,
Then why don’t you understand the thought
That you, a living soul
Might change from whatever sad state you’re in,
If you’ll let Him make you whole?

Just like the irritated clam,
This world might agitate.
That tiny seed, that dot of sand
Not always controls its fate.

We, too, sometimes get in a fix,
But like that tiny sand,
If we patiently hang in there,
And let God guide our hand,
Then we, too, will begin to grow
And leave our uncomfortable place.
We change from something small and plain
And become a thing of grace.

Sure, still we’re in this present world,
But our attitude has changed.
By living faithfully to God,
Our priorities are rearranged.

Like pearls who bring to others, joy,
With God’s help, so can we
Encourage others to grow better –
Leave their “clam” and become free.
That clam’s the world we live in,
Where often is pain and strife,
But we change from sand to a lovely pearl,
When we let God into our life.