Please Knock on My Door!

Please Knock on My Door!

by Dick Cupp

Have you ever hesitated knocking on someoneís door, afraid that those inside donít want to hear anything about the gospel of Christ? Let me tell you of a young man who would have given a great deal just to have some Christian knock on his door earlier in his life. This young man was born in Indiana in 1931. He entered high school in 1944. and moved with his family to California the following year. His parents had no religious affiliation.

He returned to Indiana in 1954 and dated a girl who was a member of the church of Christ. Through her efforts, he was baptized early in 1956, while with the Army in Kaiserslautern, Germany, after studying a Bible
correspondence course. Today, that same man is a minister of the gospel of Christ in Dayton, Ohio. But he remembers with sadness that when he was 25 years old, no one had ever knocked on his door offering the pure gospel of

This man remembers being religiously minded, even as a young boy. He remembers keenly his desire to "go to church" in California, but being too shy to go without receiving an invitation. He is now acutely aware of how deeply his Christian life and his preaching would have been enhanced if only someone had knocked on his door at age 15, rather than age 25.

He also remembers that in his early years he didnít make much distinction between the various religious groups. He very likely would have accepted an invitation from any denomination that cared enough about him to ask him to come. He may very well have been a denominational preacher, teaching false doctrine today, if the denominations had knocked at this door.

But he is a very lucky man. Nobody knocked on his door. He finally learned the truth, and became a New Testament Christian. Heís thankful that no denominations knocked on his door but he wishes SOMEBODY had! He wishes mightily that a member of the Lordís church could have talked to him at least 10 years before they did. What a difference that would have made in his qualifications and in his Christian fruitfulness today!

I can speak of this man freely, because I am the man. I am so grateful to those who had a part in my conversion but I so mightily wish that SOMEONE would have taken advantage of many earlier opportunities to at least TALK to me about the gospel of Christ.

Donít hesitate to knock on doors! Much of your knocking will be in vain; but somewhere there is a man, or woman, or a family, just waiting for you to knock on the door and invite them to come to Christ!