"Let Us Make Man In Our Image"

"Let Us Make Man in Our Image"

(Genesis 1:26,27)

by Doy Moyer
via Gospel Guide; Nov., 1995; Vol. 27, No. 10.

Man, which includes male and female, was created "in the image of God." This makes man unique among all creation. Man is not just another animal. He is a being especially created after God's own image. This is why animal life is not on a par with human life. Taking the life of an animal does not compare with taking the life of another human being. Evolution teaches that man evolved from a one cell amoeba through the lower animal chain over a period of millions of years.

The outcome of such thinking is that human life is just the same as any other animal life. Thus, we see the effects of those who seek to protect animal life as if it were as important as human life. While we would not make a case for abusing animals, we must understand that human life is far superior to animal life. Mankind was created in the image of God. Animals are not. Actually, animals were placed upon the earth by God, for the use of human beings, even to their use as food and clothing. What does "in the image of God" mean? The Scriptures reveal that God is a Spirit (John 4:24). He is not a flesh and bone creature. Therefore, the image that man bears in God's likeness must be spiritual. God gave man a spirit, a soul that is not shared by the lower animal kingdom. This is not to say that man is God, but that man is like God in that he is a spiritual being.