Intelligent Design Explains Nothing?

Intelligent Design Explains Nothing?

by William C. Sexton

As I glanced at the Opinion Page of my Fort Smith Time Record Thursday morning, August 4th, 2005, I find an article written by the "Script Howard News Service" with the following heading: "Bush is of Two minds, One is Wrong." As I read on I notice they say: "When it comes to science, President Bush is of two minds, one of which is wrong." "Concerning the space shuttle program, he defers to the views of experts."

"In a conversation with Texas reporters Monday, he said that 'the experts at NASA' will determine whether the shuttle should be retired before 2010."

"But when it comes to science education, he unfortunately sees no need for experts. Answering a question about evolution vs. intelligent design, he said it was a question for local school districts, but he felt 'both sides ought to be properly taught.'" And he added, 'so people can understand what the debate is all about."

"But among experts, there is no debate worth mentioning. The theory of evolution underpins all modern biology, and like any vibrant science it is constantly being expanded and modified as new lines of evidence appear."

I find it disgusting that so called self-claimed "experts,” intelligent people would make such a ridiculous argument. The writer continues saying, "Intelligent design, in contrast, is taken seriously by scarcely any experts. It proposes that the natural world is too complex to have been created by entirely natural processes, so there must be a designer of some kind."

I personally have sit through biology classes, geology classes, and astronomy classes in two universities and two colleges, and I have yet to see an explanation of how things came into being without an intelligent producer. I have a watch and I don't know who made it, but when someone tells me it made itself or just happened, that is unbelievable even if the person claims to be, and shows me all kinds of what he calls credentials, that he is an "expert." But these so called intelligent people try to tell me that this entire universe happened without any intelligence producing it. They may call themselves "experts." but that is only their claim, and it is contrary to every principle that I have learned in real life. I am convinced that every event has a cause, and these people in my opinion are just too prideful and ignorant to admit that there has to be intelligence involved in the production and function of the universe. In my view this shows the lack
of intelligence on their part! How long will it take a rock to produce a mountain, a living plant, or an animal without some force behind it? I recognize when I plant a pumpkin seed it is going to produce after its kind, not something entirely different. That is the order that intelligence has designed it to do so! (cf. Genesis 1:11)

Why are these people so arrogant that they will not allow another view to be examined and taught as an alternative? I suggest that to shut out the intelligent design is not science at all. What I learned about science one must be able to reproduce the same results for something to be true. How much of what was claimed at one time to be "scientifically true" has turned out to be untrue? They claim that if you differ from them in their view then you are not an expert! How many scientists see the fallacy in the theory of evolution? Perhaps more than the so called "science" experts; however, they will not allow another view to be examined. Friends that is not scientific! It is being arrogant
and afraid to allow another view because they think that many may see the foolishness of the claims that have been made by those so called “experts.”

Yes, my friends you cannot convince me that the universe that we see operating in such precisions, that you can tell years in advance where one of the planets is going to be, was just an accident! If there is intelligence involved in producing my watch, then how much greater is there intelligence in creating the universe! But these people will continue to call themselves “experts” I say it is foolishness! (I Corinthians 1:18).