I Met Him at the Cross

I Met Him at the Cross

by Forest D. Moyer
via Mind Your Faith

In the heart of every person there is a longing for a Supreme Being. Men who do not know Jehovah have manufactured various gods and render their service to the gods of human minds. Those who have diligently sought for truth have come to realize that the Bible is the book about Jehovah God the only God. We are convinced by the evidences in His word that He is and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him (Hebrews 11:6). We become aware of our sinful condition and we cry out for deliverance from the slavery of sin. We ask, "How can I know Him? How can I diligently seek Him?" There is really only answer: you must meet Him at the cross.

It was at the cross that the love of God was fully revealed to man. It was love that produced Calvary. God was and is infinitely holy. We bow down with the living creatures before the throne and cry, "Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord, the Almighty!" because of His holiness. He is holy, but we are mired in sin. "There is none that doeth good, no not one!" How can sinful man be brought before a holy God? The answer is the cross. At the cross God's love reached down and allowed His Son to endure the awfulness and the anguish of suffering the ignominious death by crucifixion. That death paid the penalty for the sins of man for everyone who will come to Him in His appointed way. Here the pure and innocent Son of God died for sinful man.

Law could not remove man's sins. Law could only show that man was a sinner. At the cross I saw myself as I was. I saw myself in my sins. I saw that I was completely helpless on my own (Romans 5:6-8). I saw that there was a way out. That way is Jesus Christ who is God who came in human flesh to go to the cross for me. I tried to make it on my own only to fail miserably. But at the cross I met Jesus. He forgave me of every sin. He put a new heart within me. He taught me what it is to love God and what it is to love my brothers and sisters. He gave me a freedom that could come from no other source.

Friend, you need Jesus. You may know what the Bible says about right and wrong. You may be present at every service. But unless you have been made free by the cross, you do not know God. When you have seen Jesus in His word, your faith can become active as you go to the cross for forgiveness. When you repent and are baptized, every sin is sent away and you have room for Jesus in your heart. When He is there, all sin can be driven out even as it daily seeks to come in. When He is there, doing right becomes a genuine joy. Praising Him becomes your delight. Meet Him there.

Forrest D. Moyer