I am a Restorer

I am a Restorer

Author Unknown

I am a restorer unbowed, undaunted, extremist, and eccentric. The centerpiece of my intellectual universe is Biblical primitivism, a search for the first pure truths and ordinances. I am seeking that elusive image of Christianity as it came from the mind of God.

You may say it is not there; it is an illusion. I have decided to seek it anyway. You say I will not find it because I carry on my back the baggage of my own past, of the culture in which I live, of the language with which I think. Self-consciously and with as much self-awareness as possible, I have decided to try.

You may say I will fail and be disillusioned. So far I have not but I have never been alone. God has provided others of like mind to be my fellow travelers.

It has been a rigorous journey, but I know no other way. The search has served me well and should you come to look for me, you will find me a bit further down the same road.