A Great Scientific Find Turns Out to be an Old Stomach Ache for Scientists

A Great Scientific Find Turns Out to be an Old Stomach Ache for Scientists

by Edward O. Bragwell, Sr.
via Gospel Guide, Vol. 27, No. 10, Nov. 1995.

I never cease to be amazed at the amount of foolishness that can be wrapped up in a single bit of wisdom from the wise of this world. That large segment of the scientific community, wed to the theory of evolution, often with great arrogance and fanfare announce great archeological or geological finds that supposedly support their various theories about the origin of things. How could anyone be so backward and stupid as to be skeptical of the accuracy of their dating system and imperious conclusions reached from their vast storehouse of data?

Yet, occasionally evidence surfaces that is so overwhelming that these great minds have to backtrack themselves to avoid further embarrassment.

One such instance happened not long ago. Near the end of 1989, scientists announced the finding of a fossilized egg that was most certainly millions of years old. Now what good would a several million years old fossilized egg be to humanity? It would give us important information about the origin of certain animal species. It might help us understand what happened to many extinct animals of past ages. But, more importantly, it would likely contain some clues to help us learn more about our own origin and evolution. A valuable find indeed!

However, NBC Nightly News (Feb. 22, 1990) reported that this prehistoric fossilized egg turned out to be a stomach stone from a cow -- only about 50 years old. As Riley used to say, "What a revoltin' development that turned out to be!"

Yet, in spite of the fact that these scientists had to stand up with egg on their faces on this matter, the liberal educational establishment and journalists will still blindly accept the scientific communities pronouncements as fact. If one dares question them and suggests that maybe we ought not teach evolution as fact in our public schools -- he is ridiculed as a backward fundamentalist who would thrust us back to the dark ages.

I wonder how many more finds like this one that it will take for these people to begin to see that most of their educated guesses could be off several million years -- minus 50 years or so.

Keep on digging, fellows. It just might be tht some of those bone fragments of prehistoric man may turn out to be about as valuable as that old cow's stomach stone.