God Bless You! Bless Your Heart!

God Bless You!  Bless Your Heart!

by Netagene Kirkpatrick

eu’phe-mism, n. (Gr.: well + to speak). The substitution of an inoffensive or mild expression for one that may offend or be unpleasant; e.g: “passing away” for “dying”.  ~ Webster’s Dictionary, 1961

Some people say "God bless you",
Or sometimes, "Bless your heart!"
I know they mean it all in love,
God's care to someone to impart.

But sometimes it's a euphemism
For, "I'm glad I'm not in your place!"
I detect a tone of arrogance:
"Bless your heart. What an ugly face!"

Or "That poor man just can't help it.
Bless his heart, His wife is a jerk"
"God bless you. What a pity!
I'm surprised you've made it work!"

"It's terrible that you're not better!
Bless your heart. You still can't see!"
Thanks but no thanks! No fawning!
I'm fine. I don't want sympathy!

"God bless you. How're you doing?
Tsk, tsk, it's so awfully bad!"
Bless my heart. Don't worry about it.
I can handle it. Why are you sad?

Sometimes people say “God Almighty!”
“Lordy! Lordy!” or “Oh my Lord!”
I know that’s not saying bad things,
But isn’t that idle words?

There’s all kinds of substitutions
That we use when we speak in vain,
But one of the very worst expressions is
When we just yell out God’s Name.

Five seconds can seem like five minutes,
Silence might mean something’s wrong.
So they blurt out whatever comes to them,
Without thinking whether it belongs.

So you’ve won a big prize, or heard bad news,
It’s a sin to use “Gosh darn” or “What the hey”.
Good words become bywords when used lightly.
Remember, you’ll face God on Judgment Day!

Even “How are you?” is empty
When it’s used as many folks do.
Try to answer and they’re off to another,
Jabbering to somebody new.

When I sneeze, don’t tell me “Gesundheit”.
That’s just a superstitious tale -
That Satan would enter your body,
Or grab your spirit and take you to Hell.

It’s good to ask for God’s blessings
On friends especially in need.
But be sure when we say “God bless you”.
That our words are followed by deeds.

Remember that we are God’s workers,
And through us friends are warmed and filled,
But don’t say it if we don’t follow through
By obedience to God’s will.

God bless me? He does daily!
From Him, I hope ne'er to depart.
But those phrases are thrown out so lightly.
Be sure you mean it when you say,
"Bless your heart!”