The Essence of Atheism

The Essence of Atheism

by Doy Moyer

Start with nothing. From nothing, for no reason or purpose, lifeless, mindless material just came into existence.

Lifeless, mindless material, existing for no reason and with no purpose, somehow, some way, through a process that has never been observed anywhere, spontaneously generated something that was living.

This living thing, having come into existence from mindless and lifeless material, for no purpose and with no reason or meaning, found a way to replicate all by itself.

Over millions and millions of years, this now-living material, existing for no reason or purpose whatsoever, developed into creatures that could think and reason intelligently, and are held morally accountable for their actions.

Thus, lifeless, mindless matter, from accidental, purposeless, non-rational forces of chance, gave rise to life and mind, reason and intelligence, morality and responsibility.

Intelligence and morality are thus the end product of non-rational, mindless, lifeless, chance accidents through time.

End in nothing.

Start with nothing. End in nothing. No reason. No purpose. No meaning. From nothing to nothing. Everything in between is the result of mindless, accidental forces with no ultimate goal or purpose.

All of this is called good science.

Those who accept this are then given to ridicule those who believe that Intelligent Mind is responsible for giving humans reason, intelligence, purpose, and morality.

This is considered the epitome of reason and logic.