Did You Ever Wonder Why ...

Did You Ever Wonder Why ...

... people who make astrological forecasts don't get rich by shrewd investing in the stock market? It would seem that if they can truly foretell future events they should be able to do quite well.

... people who believe in the "science of healing of the mind" glasses.gif wear glasses? It would seem that if they trust such to cure their own children it would not be asking too much to get them to believe in it for themselves.

... miracle working TV evangelists operate hospitals and clinics? It would seem that they don't trust their own health to such but are more than willing to seek out the best medical science has to offer when their own health is on the line.

... those who believe that God will abundantly bless each of us materially if we will plant a seed of faith don't do it themselves? Why do they depend on our generosity when their doctrine teaches that all they have to do is "make a vow" and God will give to them?

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