The Constitution and the Bible

The Constitution and the Bible

by Terry W. Benton

The debate over the Constitution illustrates some of the same problems in agreeing over the Bible. The problem does not come from these documents. It comes from the agenda of those who approach either one. Some are intent on making law to fit their own will and so they are not interested in following the Constitution or the Bible. They decided what they want the law to be, and so, there is not enough respect for what is written to have any meaningful diligence in studying to find out what it says and how to use it properly to guide your life.

Some approach the Constitution and the Bible with prejudice. They think it is too old to be relevant to the Modern American or the Modern Christian. It is like they think they can improve the Constitution or the Bible. So, they seek to impose their will upon either of these documents.

In our modern concern about the next Supreme Court justice there are those who do not want a judge who respects the Constitution and will work only to properly interpret it and apply it properly and carefully. They cringe and protest that very idea. The problem is not in the Constitution but in the agenda that seeks to over-rule the Constitution.

Likewise, the multiple divisions and denominations do not exist because of the Bible but because of the agenda men bring to the Bible. If your purpose is to seek the will of God even if it requires great changes and adjustments in your attitude and behavior, you can know the truth that can set you free from sin and condemnation. But, if you just want to select from the Bible only the things that agree with you, and you feel that you can ignore other things or overrule other things and impose your desires upon the Bible, then you will come out with a church that looks nothing like the churches of Christ that we read about in the New Testament.

The problem is in the approach to the document, not in the documents themselves. I hope for a Supreme Court Justice that respects the Constitution and will be careful to interpret how it is upheld and applied to the modern American, and I hope people will return to giving the Bible an even greater respect, and be careful to submit their own will to the will of God, and handle aright the word of truth (II Timothy 2:15). In both cases there would then be more unity.