Bible Trivia - General Questions

Bible Trivia - General Questions

  1. Though people refer to the Bible by this name, the name is not found in the Bible. What is the name?

  2. How did Elisha make iron float on water?

  3. What is the shortest verse in the New Testament?

  4. What is the shortest psalm?

  5. What is the longest verse in the Bible?

  6. Which books in the Bible do not contain the name of God?

  7. Name two people who walked on water.

  8. Which apparently fickle prophet prayed that it might not rain and then prayed that it would rain?

  9. In Babylon, Daniel was called by what name?

  10. Which disciple did Jesus call "Satan"?

  11. What was the subject of the debate between Michael and Satan?

  12. Who sat on idols?

  13. Whose prayer was mistaken for drunkenness?

  14. What New Testament letter was addressed to a lady?

  15. What happened to King Jeroboam when he ordered the arrest of a prophet?

  16. Which king was so frightened that his knees knocked together?

  17. Name the person struck blind by Saul.

  18. In which church was there a woman so wicked that she was called "Jezebel?"

  19. Which queen was deposed for refusing her drunken husband?

  20. Where else in the Bible will you find Psalm 18?

  21. Which psalm contains four identical verses?

  22. When did Jesus sing and what did He sing?

  23. Why did God require the High Priest's robe to have tinkling bells sewn on the bottom hem?

  24. How many prophets did Elijah challenge on Mt. Carmel?


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