Bible Trivia - In the Home

Bible Trivia - In the Home

  1. He might not have been a baker, but who said "a little leaven leavens the whole lump."

  2. Oops! Who broke three hundred pitchers in one night?

  3. Momma always told you, but who got into trouble because they did not wash their hands before eating?

  4. Who slept on an iron bed that was over 13 feet long?

  5. How long did the first recorded drunk live?

  6. Who owned a cup used for divination?

  7. Who told angels to wash their feet?

  8. Name two places it is better to live than with a nagging woman.

  9. In what way does God say a man wipes a dish?

  10. What widow ate parched grain?

  11. How many people did Jesus feed with two fishes?

  12. What food were the Israelites not allowed to eat, but were allowed to sell to foreigners for food?

  13. Between 12 and 30 years of age, Jesus grew in what four ways?

  14. When should you put a knife to your throat?

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