Bible Trivia - Death

Bible Trivia - Death

  1. Who was the first person killed?

  2. Who was buried in a cave with his wife?

  3. Name two Hebrews who were embalmed by Egyptians.

  4. Who accidentally hanged himself in a tree?

  5. Name the seamstress who didn't remain dead.

  6. Whose death occurred simultaneously with an earthquake but was not due to the earthquake?

  7. Who hanged on gallows he had built to hang another?

  8. Who fell from his seat and broke his neck?

  9. What blind man killed three thousand during a religious feast?

  10. Which prophet cursed young people for calling him names?

  11. There were five cities in the plain of Jordan when God destroyed it. Four cities were destroyed and one was spared. Named the five cities (or as many as you can remember).

  12. Who ended his speech and immediately became worm food?

  13. What city, when it was built, cost the builder the lives of his eldest and youngest sons?

  14. What king committed suicide after his armorbearer refused to kill him?

  15. Which apostle was the first to die and how did he die?

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