Couldn't God have made it impossible for people to hurt each other?


For the question on why God allows evil: Couldn't God have made it impossible to physically harm others? People are still able to go against God, but He could make it impossible for them to shoot, hurt, or do any other bad thing. Like how it's impossible for us to fly by ourselves, couldn't God have made it impossible for people to get hurt?


When asking questions like this, you end up asking the wrong question. Yes, an infinite God could have done many things differently than what was done. But what does that change? And how does the possibility of a different way of doing things prove that the way things are good or bad? For example, I could have painted my house blue. Does that mean brown is a bad color?

Given the nature of people, if people could not hurt themselves, then the idea of "danger" would not exist. People would do whatever they want without fear of consequences. Yet, it is that knowledge that I could fall that keeps people away from the cliff. Things are sinful because there are dangers involved in doing those things. For centuries there was a danger that having sex outside of marriage would lead to pregnancy. Did the development of birth control pill cause an increase or decrease in fornication? Clearly it increased it. Now realize that if there was no danger to any sin, then every sin would become rampant.

The truth that while hardships are difficult, they serve a purpose. They motivate us to change and improve ourselves.