How do I nicely tell a guy that I'm not interested in him?


I saw this website and saw people asking questions and I have one.

There's a brother in Christ, who seems like a good Christian guy. It seems like he has a relationship with God. This same guy has been telling me that he likes me. I told him I had no romantic feelings other than loving him as my brother in Christ, but every time at church I catch him staring at me, doing something to be by me, or trying to get my attention. That gets me really frustrated and annoyed. I've talked to God about it but that annoyance and frustration doesn't go away. I feel guilty for rejecting him and saying, "If that's the one for me, then I rather stay single." I feel guilty for rejecting the guy and feeling annoyed by him. I do see him as family and genuinely like him but not romantically. I'm not physically, mentally or spiritually attracted to him.

What do I do? Should I feel guilty? Keep taking it to God?


It isn't too unusual to run into guys, especially young men who have a tendency toward being obsessive. Such guys tend to not get hints very well. I would suggest talking to one of your elders or older men in the congregation and ask him if he could tell the man to back off.