Is it acceptable to use songs that have humming for one or more of the parts in worship?


Good evening brother Jeffrey,

I pray this email finds you in good health. God favor you for blessing us and teaching us. You and many have given me so much knowledge in God's word and increased my faith. I am a member of the Church of Christ. I wanted clarification about how some songs are sung. For example, "His Grace Reaches Me" - Deeper than the Ocean, and Higher than the sea ... etc. When singing the verses of the song, the music shows the Bass and Tenor parts humming or maintaining a sustained tone while other parts are being sung.

Question: Does this indicate "humming" or is it OK to sustain some notes as long as not all the song is being hummed with no edification? I have heard singing where three verses are sung, then a fourth verse is quietly hummed while meditating on the words before finally singing a fifth. I would like to know if these are scriptural and acceptable in true worship.

God bless you,


There are various arrangements of songs. Most are not suitable for congregational singing; instead, they are designed to show off the abilities of the group singing the song or to provide more listening interest. The original music for "His Grace Reaches Me" has four part harmony with words for all four parts.

Personally, I avoid music that has humming in it. It doesn't meet the standard of "speaking" and "admonishing" that is commanded in Ephesians 5:19 and Colossians 3:17.

Dear Jeffrey,

Thank you for your response. This information was very helpful. I will also try to avoid songs with humming in them for Sunday worship.

God bless you.