I'm talking to a man who only wants to talk about disciplining children


Hello Jeffrey,

I hope your fine. Please, I need your advice. I met a man on-line. He started initiated the conversation. He has a son and is very interested in children's behaviors. We have been talking for several months, but he never talks about us -- he only talks about children and how we should spank them when they misbehave. I have several girls, and he is to raise them. He refuses to talk to me anywhere by through the on-line site where we met. He only talks about the children and he wants me to spank them for every mistake.

I think this guy wants to use me to take care of his son and is not looking for a loving wife in a home. He lives in another country, but he promised to come with his son when we meet for the first time. He's not interested in sex, but he accepted sex after marriage. He takes a long time to communicate. Is he serious? I am confused.


I'm not confused. The man is a fraud. His unusual focus on disciplining children tells me he is a man who gets sexual thrills from dominating weaker people. His refusal to communicate via any traceable means tells me that he trying to keep his true identity hidden.

Don't met with this man. Stop communicating with him. He sounds dangerous.

Thank you, Jeffrey. I will follow your advice. The search continues. Please pray for me that I meet a real man.