How do I return after committing fornication again?


I wrote to you before regarding fornication and God's forgiveness. I prayed and straightened my life back out -- until about a month ago I stumbled again. I am writing to you for help. I've been praying for forgiveness and asking for the Lord's help in overcoming this problem, but I didn't know if you have any tips on how to stop and overcome this temptation that I have and put my life back into the Lord's hands.

Thank you so much for all you do


"For a righteous man may fall seven times And rise again, But the wicked shall fall by calamity" (Proverbs 24:16).

As hard as we try, we all sin and sometimes we fall back into familiar sins. The distinction between the righteous and the wicked is that the righteous will not allow sin to hold him back. It is not good to sin, but when we sin, we get up, look at what went wrong, correct our mistakes and try again. It is only this manner that we will ever get out of sin.

I can't get you specifics on what to change because I don't know what happened or why you let your guard slip.