Are we married when he never divorced his wife?



I have a question. My boyfriend and I were in love, we loved God and wanted to be married, but he was married before. He married this woman, she cheated on him, he wanted a divorce but could not find her. They had been separated for seven years, so we sat in our room, prayed to God to separate them, break the bond they had and asked God to bless us with a marriage. We prayed to God that He would bond us together. We made vows to one another, but we did not sign a paper or get married by law. It's been several years later and we have children together, but I wonder: did God join us together? Are we married?


There are no witnesses to the promise. There is no record of it existing. There is no reminder witness. In many ways there is no covenant. See:

In addition he never divorced his first wife, though he says he has cause. Thus, he is committing adultery with you.