If I promise on something and then break the promise, does God take away what I promised on?


If I were to promise or swear to God (or even to someone else) on something and not go through with the promise, will God take that thing I promised on away from me? For example, I promise or swear on my friendship that I'll run around the neighborhood. If I don't go through with that promise, will God take that friendship away? Or if I promise or swear on my T.V. that I will study. Will God take that T.V. away if I don't go through with it? Maybe by making it break down and stop working?

I do understand that Jesus commanded us to not make promises, but what if the scenario I mentioned above were to happen?


How God decides to punish someone who lies through promises is up to God. You are focusing on the consequences to see if it is worth the lie. The point that should be focused on is that Christians always tell the truth. "But above all, my brethren, do not swear, either by heaven or by earth or with any other oath. But let your "Yes," be "Yes," and your "No," "No," lest you fall into judgment" (James 5:12). There is no need for promises, oaths, or vows. They don't change the reliability of what a Christian says.

It is the dishonesty that is wrong. Masking lies with promises doesn't change the underlying sin. "Therefore, putting away lying, "Let each one of you speak truth with his neighbor," for we are members of one another" (Ephesians 4:25).