Should I get married without a bride price being paid?


Hello my brother,

I am told your bride price must be paid before marriage and you can get married before your bride price is paid. My question is I want to get married and be clean before God because I have children with my fiancé and we are not married.  My friends have arranged everything for a wedding. My problem is my family wants the bride price or they won't be a part of the wedding. Is it OK that I marry without them or in their absence because I really need the blessings of a marriage.


There is no biblical requirement for a bride price. In every country that has a form of marriage that includes a bride price, there are alternative forms of marriage that do not require a bride price. Therefore, civilly there is no requirement for a bride price either. Traditions are nice, but not when those traditions interfere with obeying God.

Stop the sinning and go get married as you should have done before living with this man. I'm sorry that your family puts money over righteousness, but it is their choice. Your choice has to be to live righteously before God.