If I haven't married yet, can I still be a deacon?


Good day Bro. Jeffrey,

I write this email in order to seek a mature answer and guidance from a well-rounded spiritual leader. Our local church here wants to appoint deacons, since we don't have formal appointed ones. We already studied the apostle Paul's teachings on appointing deacons based on I Timothy 3:8-12 for many years and even reviewed it. I have a great feeling that I will be appointed as one. I am just considering the fact that I am still single and it might be a contrary to what verse 12 says "husband to one wife and manage children and household well." I strongly believe that a New Testament Christian must follow the rightful patterns of church worship and that includes overseeing and administrative works in the church. I have not come yet to decide to marry since I haven't found the right Christian woman. What should I do in case I will be appointed to such office?

I have been teaching Bible classes since I was a college student and I am happy of what the Lord has bestowed to me, such a gift of teaching you cannot say no to glorify Him. Would it be appropriate to accept the appointment?


See Servants of the Church for details about what deacons are, the duties they preform, and their qualifications.

The command, "Deacons must be husbands of only one wife, and good managers of their children and their own households" (I Timothy 3:12), leaves no room for alterations. A deacon must be a husband and have children that he is raising well. This doesn't mean you can't do service for the church, but you cannot hold a position deacon representing the church since you are not yet qualified.

Bro Jeffrey,

Thank you so much for the enlightenment and encouragement. It is prayed and hoped for the Lord's church's growth and benevolence.