Why do people believe a text written by uneducated people when science has proven the Bible to be completely false?


There are many scientific discoveries and explanations that prove that the teachings of the Bible are completely false. One for example is dinosaurs of which are proven by radiometric dating to be over 60 million years old. How could this be if the world is only 10,000 years old? When Darwin and other scientists have proven that we have evolved from apes, why is it better to believe that humanity began with random two people?

In this day and age some people are educated, factual evidence is shared and further researched, why do Christians believe a text that was written by someone who was uneducated and influenced by the uneducated? Or do Christians make a metaphorical use out of what is taught?

I am not a christian but if you can prove me wrong then I might become one, but at the moment i think the 'child needs to grow up and stop believing in father Christmas'. At the moment I think it is morally wrong to teach people things that humanity has proven to be wrong especially children with young and vulnerable minds. 

Apart from the morals that religion teaches people I think that religion provides numerous reasons for it to be abolished because it is a mass of brainwashing that hinders the intelligence of humanity. If you are truly devoted to your religion then you will try and change my mind instead of ignoring this.


If you aren't interested in learning why people follow the Bible, then all the words I may write won't make a difference. And no, I have no desire to waste time with someone who has his mind made up. "How long, you simple ones, will you love simplicity? For scorners delight in their scorning, and fools hate knowledge" (Proverbs 1:22). However, I will point out that you are very much mistaken about the character of the Bible. It shows a very high degree of complex literacy. Let's just look at the historical accuracy of the Bible: The Historical Accuracy of the Bible. Your claim that science has proven the Bible to be completely false is a false statement.

Having a master's degree in science myself, I know that there are no scientific discoveries that have proved the Bible false. While it is popular to claim the earth is billions of years old, it is incorrect to state that this age is scientifically proven. To be scientifically proven, one must be able to verify the results. This cannot be done because we cannot go back in time to calibrate our attempts at measurement. As pointed out in "How old is the world?" there are actually more measurements which indicate that the earth is relatively young (on the order of tens of thousand of years) than relatively old (on the order of billions of years). There are reasons why the ones on the billions of years order are being selected and that has to do with the bias of those scientists who need large spans of time in order to justify evolution. The article "Is Science the Source of Truth?" explains this in greater detail. Other good articles are "Young Age for the Earth and the Moon" by Thomas G. Barnes and "The Young Earth" by Henry Morris.

Care to explain how soft tissue bone marrow in a dinosaur survived to the modern times? See: NC State Paleontologist Discovers Soft Tissue In Dinosaur Bones.

What I've noticed over the years is that Christians are quite willing to discuss the evidence. It is atheists who want contradictory evidence suppressed or destroyed, as evidenced by your foolish claim that religion hinders intelligence. Last I looked most major scientific discoveries are made by religious people. Very few are done by atheists.