Now that I have turned from my sins, will God bring my girlfriend back?


When I met my ex, I had just got out of a horrible relationship that I was fighting for constantly every day. My ex fought for me on so many level to the point where I finally gave in and began dating her. She was in love with me way before I even thought about love. She saw something God had stored inside of me that I couldn't see because I was drenched in anger from my past. I treated her horribly because of this anger. Anger made me selfish, controlling and manipulating. The selfish side caused me to sleep with two other people and hurt her in the process. I knew fornication was wrong, but I wasn't educated in the Word enough at the time to know that by keeping God's commandments it was a way if expressing my love toward Him and others.

We broke up almost three months ago and she moved on to another guy, She posted about how she is happy and in love with this guy. My challenge was to let go and let God have his way in my life. I have been really seeking God and watching Him work through my life. He has been showing me pure joy. God is the center of my being, and I can't live without Him.

Long story short my question to you is: After you have fornicated and repented and turned completely away from fornication, would God even consider bringing us back together? Or not because of the past fornication?


I'm gathering that while dating this woman, you were having sex with her, as well as committing fornication with other women. You learned the hard way that fornication doesn't purchase love. Despite the sin, you did turn away from it and committed yourself to the Lord.

It isn't God who is going to change this woman's mind. He gives every person free will to make their own choices. It isn't that God will hold your past sins against you when they are forgiven, but sins have consequences and often we have to live with the results of our mistakes. For example, because David sinned, a number of bad things result (II Samuel 12:9-12). God spared David's life when he repented, but the other consequences remained (II Samuel 12:13-14). Often we need reminders that sin causes problems.

So life for God, and hopeful someone will enter life. Treat her with respect and kindness (I Corinthians 13:4-8). Marry her and then enjoy sex as God intended (Hebrews 13:4).