I was forced to start working evenings. Am I lost in this situation?


I was forced to start working evenings at my job. It resulted in me losing my Wensday night worship. I asked for a night shift and was rejected of it. I am currently looking for new employment. I want to keep the commands of Christ, but in my situation would I be lost?


Since the job demanded that you shift your time, you can often ask your employer if you can take your meal break  so that you can attend the Bible study. If there is not time in the meal break, offer to work a bit later on Wednesdays to make up for the time you are gone. You may be surprised and find that you employer will be willing to let you have the time off -- I had that happen to me years ago.

Looking for a better job is the right thing to do. It isn't an ideal situation, so make it as short of a problem as you can. Meanwhile, see if you can get with some of the other men of the congregation and set up a study when you are not working, so you can keep up your personal growth.

The situation you find yourself in was not by your choice. You had a job that allowed you to be at the gathering of the saints. It was your employer who changed, so that is forcing you to find a new employer. I can't comment on how God sees this particular situation, I can only teach what God desires.