I am heartened to read your sermons


Dear Sir,

I feel I must send you an email to thank you for your website. I have spent the last several evenings reading your sermons and your answers to other questions and issues and am deeply and spiritually moved by them. In contemporary society when so many are weakening, I am heartened to read your sermons. 

As a woman I am surrounded by those who though profess to love God, still will not submit to Him and the teaching and guidance of the scriptures.

How I wish I had a church near me that devoted itself to worshiping God and to the spiritual teachings, rather than socializing and being flippant in their devotional time, but I will continue to read and learn from your site, and be guided by the wisdom there.

Thank you again, for the efforts to reach out and find people who truly are, thankful for your guidance. I will continue to be guided by you.


I'm glad you are finding the site useful. If you wish, let me know what city you live near and I'll see if I can find a similar congregation near you.