Did God limit man's life to 120 years? How many clean animals were taken on the ark?


In Genesis 6:3, God said that, in the future, normal lifespan will be no more than 120 years. I read on the Genesis bible study that this referred to amount of time it will take from then to the start of the flood. However, In Genesis 5:32, it say's that Noah was 500 years old and in Genesis 7:11, Noah was 600 years old. So how is the 120 years derived from this if the difference is only 100 years?

In Genesis 7:2 (NLT version) say's: "Take with you seven pairs-male and female-of each animal I have approved for eating and for sacrifice, and take one pair of each of the others." I took it that this means there will be an amount of 14 for each animal approved for food and sacrifice as well as the amount of 14 for every kind of bird. However, in the bible study I see something different. Can you please explain this?

Thank you for your time and effort.


Genesis 6:3 was the span of time before the flood would come, not the lifespan of people after the flood.

The New Living Translation isn't a true translation, but a paraphrase. It is not known for its accuracy. The Hebrew in Genesis 7:2 is a bit vague, but most people see it saying seven animals. It literally says, "(From every) (the animals) (you will take to you) (seven) (seven) (male) (and his mate) (from the animals) (which) (not) (clean) (it) (two) (male) (and his mate)." The "seven" is repeated in the text. The "two male and his mate" is seen as one pair of animals; thus, it is argued that the seven before should also be the total count. "Seven seven" is thought to mean "by sevens" or "seven of each kind." However, there are noted scholars who see this as seven pairs.