If I married a girl with a mental illness, would my children inherit her problems?


Here is my question to you about my ex.

  1. She behaves like child sometimes when she gets happy, stressed, angry, etc. During this phase her behavior changes. She makes me play with her and makes an imaginary world around her, like birds flying and acting like rabbit. She wants me to join her in that play.
  2. She gets angry if someone says anything to her or when her desires are not met. She keeps on thinking about words I said to her and becomes progressively depressed and hyper-angry also.
  3. During her anger phase mostly she get bad dreams during night and she has visual hallucinations, imagining bad thing after her bad dreams, like seeing wires as snakes, fans as scorpions, clothes as some evil spirit, etc. Due to this she shouts and behaves inappropriately. She holds me like a small kid who is afraid.
  4. She has ego problems.
  5. She has fears of abandonment.
  6. She has black and white thinking.

Can you tell me if I can spend my whole life with her? Can I have my kids with her? Would my kids also get her genes?

Please suggest to me what to do about it.


I am assuming you are talking about an ex-girlfriend and not an ex-wife. Your ex-girlfriend has severe problems. Hallucinations are usually associated with schizophrenic disorders. If this is true, she will always struggle with these issues, so the question is whether you want to put up with them for your whole life. Schizophrenic disorders do run in families and so are inheritable.